Who is MacGyver?


Macgyver<– No, not this guy. MacGyver is my trail name. –>IMG_1646

In accordance with trail custom, a fellow backpacker gave me my trail name. Eventually it stuck. If you want to know how I earned it, you’ll have to hike with me someday.

I decided to take a break from adulting for 2018 and focus on building more life stories worth telling. Most of these will come in the form of backpacking trips, but there may be some tangents to explore along the way.

I backpacked a little with my family as a teenager in the [unintelligible decade], and I decided to give it another go when I joined the DC UL Backpacking meetup group in 2010. My first outing in many years was a winter backpacking trip (it happened to be winter, and I was anxious to get out, so why not?) and I have learned so much from this fine group in the years since. I try to give back by leading trips on occasion and by answering newbie questions, but there are many others in that group with far greater knowledge and skill than I have.

Over the years, I have managed to rack up a fun list of trails conquered:

  • Mid State Trail, Pennsylvania – 327 miles (section hike) – 2017-2018
  • O Circuit, Torres del Paine, Chile – ~80 miles – 2018
  • Full Massanutten Loop, Virginia – 112 miles – 2016
  • West Highland Way, Scotland – 100 miles – 2016
  • Appalachian Trail Four-State Challenge, WV to PA – 44 miles (in one day) – 2015
  • GR20, Corsica, France – 112 miles – 2014

I plan to start hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in May 2018, and I will be posting updates on this site.

Happy trails!