Standing Stone Trail Reference Information

The Standing Stone Trail Club is a small organization, but they do a fantastic job maintaining this trail. Their website has great maps to download. I don’t have a color printer, so I use online photo printing (e.g. Walgreens or CVS) as a hack. I can usually pick them up the same day. If time permits, I wait for a coupon of at least 40% off. If you can see very small print, sometimes you can get away with very cheap (e.g. 10 cents) 4-by-6-inch prints of each map section.

If you have time to wait for it, you can request a map/guide from the SST club directly via their membership page. It is technically free, but I recommend joining the group or providing a donation to support the trail.

The two trips that I did to complete the SST are documented in trip reports at The south half is here, and the north half is here.

Because I used a GPS device to track myself on the trail, I now have a GPX file for the entire route. You should be able to download it from CalTopo using this link. (Click on “Export” at the top of the page.) Enjoy!



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