Day 34 – 10 mi – PCT mile 702

Start: Manter Creek End: Kennedy Meadows Miles covered: 9 (+1 into Kennedy Meadows) PCT mile marker: 702/2652 Highlight: Reaching the major milestone of Kennedy Meadows, and preparing to enter the Sierra section of the PCT. (Honorable mention: Two breakfasts!) Biggest challenge: So much to do. Laundry, shower, resupply, pack bear can, eat, blog. Some people … Continue reading Day 34 – 10 mi – PCT mile 702

Day 31 – 26 mi – PCT mile 643

Start: tentsite at 617 End: McIvers Spring Miles covered: 26 PCT mile marker: 643/2652 Highlight: I’ve seen many Joshua Trees on this trip, but today was particularly filled with them. Biggest challenge: Climbing on sand. It takes so much more energy to complete mileage over trail covered in thick sand. Today’s route included about five … Continue reading Day 31 – 26 mi – PCT mile 643

Day 27 – 15 mi – PCT mile 558

Start: tentsite just before the road into Tehachapi End: Tehachapi Miles covered: 15, all miles into and around Tehachapi PCT mile marker: 558/2652 Highlight: Kohnen’s, a German bakery in the center of Tehachapi. I think I ate there three times. (Honorable mention: Draft beer selection at TK’s Pizza.) Biggest challenge: Waiting for packages that should … Continue reading Day 27 – 15 mi – PCT mile 558