Day 142 – 23 mi – PCT mile 2632


Start: Glacier Pass

End: Middle Fork Pasayten River

Miles covered: 23

PCT mile marker: 2632 equivalent*/2652 – *Half of the day was on the Holman fire detour.

Highlight: Ridgeside walks between Glacier Pass and Harts Pass (Honorable mention: Dogs! Blue Heelers, aka Australian Cattle Dogs, were popular hiking dogs.)



Biggest challenge: Navigating the fire detour. Some of the trails had moved and were no longer accurate on apps and hard copy maps.

3 thoughts on “Day 142 – 23 mi – PCT mile 2632

  1. LOL, That’s my buddy Gus! Shortly after that hike Gus was diagnosed with STS Soft Tissue Sarcoma, a form of cancer. After multiple surgeries Gus is cancer free! We had planned on doing the “K” section of the PCT in Washington next summer so now we are even more motivated to hike it. We will be sobo from Rainy pass to Stevens Pass Aug 9 – Aug 19 2019

    1. Oh wow. I’m glad you found his pic and that he is doing well now. I have more great photos of you both from that beautiful day.

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