My PCT Thru-Hike By The Numbers


I’m overdue for a PCT wrap-up. Here are the stats I thought might be interesting…and countable.

Total miles: 2774

  • 2652 official PCT miles
  • 122 extra miles – fire detours, town stops, etc.
  • ~20 miles per day average

Longest day: 30 miles  (Most thru-hikers had much longer days than this. By the time I was in good shape to crank out the miles on easier terrain, my foot was complaining, so I resisted the temptation to push it, fearing that my injury would keep me from finishing. I have no regrets about this approach.)

Total days: 143

  • 131 hiking days
  • 10 zero days
  • 2 nero (near zero) days – fewer than 10 miles

Total nights: 142

  • 114 nights in a tent
  • 8 nights cowboy camping (i.e. looking at the stars)
  • 20 nights in lodging (hotel, motel, hostel, bunkhouse, etc)

Resupply stops: 28

  • 11 packages
  • 17 in-town resupplies*

*This number is a bit subjective, because every place I could buy something, I probably did. I only counted it as an in-town resupply when my food bag would not get me to the next resupply point and the stores in town were my primary source.

Pairs of shoes: 5

Pairs of earbuds: 7 – I didn’t have great luck with earbuds, but perhaps I was punished for being cheap.

Adding in other backpacking trips in 2018, including the “O” Circuit in Patagonia and part of Pennsylvania’s Mid State Trail, I exceeded 3000 miles for the year. I wonder whether I’ll ever surpass that mark again.




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