Day 73 – 16 mi – PCT mile 1508

Start: tentsite at 1496 End: tentsite at mile 1508 Miles covered: 12 (+4 to/from town) PCT mile marker: 1508/2652 Highlight: Views of the Castle Crags. (Honorable mention: Great sandwiches and hospitality from the people at Ammirati’s Market in Castella.) Biggest challenge: The very hot climb out of Castella with what I intended to be a … Continue reading Day 73 – 16 mi – PCT mile 1508

Day 72 – 26 mi – PCT mile 1497

Start: Ash Camp End: tentsite at mile 1496 Miles covered: 26 PCT mile marker: 1496/2652 Highlight: Sometimes the best thing is just a super-light pack, the consequence of eating almost everything before heading into the next town for resupply. Biggest challenge: Breaking through all of the spiderwebs across the trail first thing in the morning. … Continue reading Day 72 – 26 mi – PCT mile 1497

Day 67 – 23 mi – PCT mile 1373

Start: Warner Valley Camp, Lassen Volcanic National Park End: Old Station, CA Miles covered: 23 PCT mile marker: 1373/2652 Highlight: My first bear sighting on any trail. (Honorable mention: Another beer sighting. The trail has removed any beer snobbery I might have had.) Biggest challenge: Realizing that my bear excitement almost came at someone else’s … Continue reading Day 67 – 23 mi – PCT mile 1373