Day 24 – 28 mi – PCT mile 504

Start: Green Valley End: tentsite near Liebre Mountain Road Miles covered: 26 (+2 in town) PCT mile marker: 504/2652 Highlight: A very relaxing spot for a dinner break overlooking the city of Mojave. (Honorable mention: passing the 500-mile mark.) Biggest challenge: Climbing in the warm-to-hot weather. It was 80 degrees at 8am. Again, not terrible … Continue reading Day 24 – 28 mi – PCT mile 504

Day 19 – 25 mi – PCT mile 395

Start: Jackson Flat Campground End: Cooper Canyon Trail Camp Miles covered: 24 (+1 for frog detour) PCT mile marker: 395/2652 Highlight: Summiting Mount Baden-Powell in beautiful weather. (Honorable mention: Jalapeño tuna packet and Idahoan loaded baked potato. Whoa Nelly!) Biggest challenge: 2-mile road walk on the Angeles Crest Highway, to avoid a detour around endangered … Continue reading Day 19 – 25 mi – PCT mile 395