Day 140 – 21 mi – PCT mile 2593


Start: tentsite at mile 2572

End: Porcupine Creek

Miles covered: 21

PCT mile marker: 2593/2652

Highlight: Vibrant fall colors. (Honorable mention: The massive cinnamon bun we* packed out from the bakery in Stehekin. Thanks to hiker hunger, it was gone in 20 minutes. *To be fair, Windy packed it out and I assumed we would share it. He said he didn’t want any, and who was I to argue?)


Biggest challenge: Unexpected heat in the afternoon. It wasn’t terribly hot, maybe 80s F, but I was already adjusting to the cold.


2 thoughts on “Day 140 – 21 mi – PCT mile 2593

  1. Chris tells me that you’ve completed the trail. Congratulations! Another wonderful adventure completed. So what’s next? Whatever it happens to be’; Be Careful and Be Safe Out There! Hardcharger

    1. Yep. Just a few more days to write up on the blog. The bucket list is long, but I’m not sure which one is next. It will take years before I can consider another 500+ mile trail. Gotta get back to acting like an adult for a while. 😉

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