Day 139 – 11 mi – PCT mile 2572


Start: Stehekin

End: tentsite at mile 2572

Miles covered: 10 miles of road walking from Stehekin to the trail, plus 1 mile on the PCT. (Six of those miles connected the fire detour to the trail. Although I was offered a ride a few times, I wanted that contiguous footpath from Mexico to Canada.)

PCT mile marker: 2572/2652

Highlight: The Stehekin Pastry Company. And dahlias at The Garden. And gumballs. The sign read, “Last gumballs for 42 miles.” They got three quarters from me just for being fun.



Biggest challenge: Walking on a full stomach. (Yogurt, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Then kuchen, danish, and savory croissant at lunchtime. I wanted one of everything at the bakery.)

Side note: Stehekin is an idyllic location on Lake Chelan. To get there, you either have to walk at least 12 miles or take a 2+ hour ferry.


One thought on “Day 139 – 11 mi – PCT mile 2572

  1. GORGEOUS!! (The flowers, the scenery, and the hiker!). I would have wanted one of everything as well!

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