Day 136 – 23 mi – PCT mile 2551


Start: tentsite at 2538

End: Image Lake Junction

Miles covered: 23

PCT mile marker: 2551/2652

Highlight: Huge trees in the Suiattle River valley. We also got a delightful 15-minute break from the rain here, which was just long enough to fix a hot lunch. (But not long enough to eat it.)

Biggest challenge: This was arguably the roughest day on the entire PCT. It rained almost all day, and the temperature rarely crept above 40 degrees F. Even when it wasn’t raining, water from foliage along the trail (like the photo below) kept my rain pants wet and dripping onto my shoes, so my feet received a constant supply of very cold water. It was raining while I set up my shelter, so everything was a little bit wet. The overnight temperatures were lower than I expected, just below freezing, and I just barely had enough dry layers to get a decent night of sleep.



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