Day 134 – 21 mi – PCT mile 2510


Start: Pass Creek

End: tentsite at mile 2510

Miles covered: 21

PCT mile marker: 2510/2652

Highlight: Marmots all over the place, including an apparently unsuccessful mating attempt. When I have more data bandwidth, I’ll try to upload some videos. (Honorable mention: Lake Sally Ann.)


Biggest challenge: It was a generally cold and wet day, including a short stretch where the trail was essentially a creek. (Dishonorable mention: Someone left a smoldering fire on the trail. Yes, ON the trail. I suppose that some people think it’s no big deal because the ground was generally wet, but I was really disturbed about it, given how much fires affect this area every year. Additionally, some hikers use minimalist footwear even in this climate. We poured some of our water on it and spread it around to make sure it was completely out. Grumble grumble.)

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