Day 131 – 18 mi – PCT mile 2452


Start: Deep Lake

End: tentsite at mile 2452

Miles covered: 18

PCT mile marker: 2452/2652

Highlight: It was a gorgeous, sunny day, a huge contrast from yesterday. My favorite was Deception Lake, pictured above and below.


Biggest challenge: A very cold morning. It was below freezing until about 9am, so I waited until later than usual to start hiking. I have experienced much colder weather while backpacking, but I don’t have sufficient gear for comfort much below freezing on this trip. Keeping my fingers and toes warm is a particular challenge. For that reason, I used ziplock bags to protect my dry socks from my wet shoes.


Side note: Phone signal and wifi have been rare in northern Washington. I might not be able to continue these updates until I finish the trail and return to civilization.

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