Day 130 – 15 mi – PCT mile 2434


Start: tentsite at 2419

End: Deep Lake

Miles covered: 15

PCT mile marker: 2434/2652

Highlight: Fiery sunrise on the mountain.

Biggest challenge: Constant cold (35-45 deg F) rain. This might have been my most challenging day on the trail. Not physically challenging, but technically and mentally challenging. I decided that in order to ensure my sleeping layers stayed dry on what was forecast to be a very cold night, I would stop and pitch my tent at 2pm instead of climbing to the top of the ridge to the next possible campsite. It was the safe choice.


2 thoughts on “Day 130 – 15 mi – PCT mile 2434

    1. Oh! This mountain wasn’t part of the fires. It was just a crazy sunrise. Maybe 10 minutes of sun shining under the thick cloud layer. Then it was all gray.

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