Day 129 – 19 mi – PCT mile 2419


Start: Gravel/Ridge Lakes

End: tentsite at mile 2419

Miles covered: 19

PCT mile marker: 2419/2652

Highlight: Morning views of Mt Rainier. (Honorable mention: Spectacle Lake.)


Biggest challenge: The rocky terrain, paired with the late afternoon 2,000-foot climb, caused my foot to complain again. However, my foot is doing a little better with my Merrell shoes, which have thicker, more-rigid soles. (Dishonorable mention: I left the door to my tent open to help with condensation, and I awoke abruptly when a mouse (presumably) crawled on my face. Twice. Ewww.


One thought on “Day 129 – 19 mi – PCT mile 2419

  1. Under 250 to go, a walk in the park! LOL! Have a wonderful day on the trail. Be Careful and Be Safe out there! – Hardcharger

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