KM resupply

Friends who know I’m headed to the PCT this week ask me whether I’m excited; the answer is YES!!!

I mailed off two resupply packages, and I have two packed up, addressed, and ready to go once I get close enough. Having help at home means that I can swap things out if I find that I need something unexpected or don’t need something I intended to ship. I took photos of each resupply box’s contents to help me remember what I will have when I pick it up. This was probably a suggestion from a fellow backpacker, but I’ve long since forgotten who gave me the idea.

CirriformI practice-pitched my new shelter a few times. My pack is assembled and ready to go. My to-do list is quickly vanishing.

I know I will miss home very much, but I’m ready to get this thing started.

Next stop, Campo.



5 thoughts on “Ready…Set…

  1. Sharon, Good luck on this exciting adventure. I will be following your hike as you progress. It was a lot of fun being with you, Chris and the rest of your crew at Little Crease Shelter a couple of weeks ago, Be careful and be safe out there! – Hardcharger

    1. Glad to of been of service. I really enjoyed the group that was with us that night. I’ve always loved that shelter, it was one of the first whatever stayed out on the trail. Good luck on your hike, and be careful and be safe out there. Hard charger

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