Day 8 – 17 mi – PCT mile 168


Start: mile 166

End: Idyllwild

Miles covered: 17  (Most of this was a route around a fire closure, which is much longer than the PCT section currently closed.)

PCT mile marker: 168/2652  (This is to the south end of the closure. I will give myself credit for the 9 closure miles when I tag the other end.)

Highlight: A hot shower, clean clothes, and a real bed.

Biggest challenge: Packing up in heavy wind, which was relentless overnight. Also, turning down a ride offer for the two-mile road walk into Idyllwild. I’ve been hiking with “Windy” for the past few days, and he convinced me that I do want that continuous line from Mexico to Canada on foot.



2 thoughts on “Day 8 – 17 mi – PCT mile 168

  1. Those are some interesting “footprints”. Long detours are a real problem and add lots of “useless” miles to the trip. We ran into this up in Connecticut in 2011 along the AT. We hit there right after a massive double hurricane had hit the area and flooded miles of the trail. We had to do a super long detour along roads. The worse part was that we caught a second hatch of mosquitos. I picked up some previously unused brand of repellant and I think it actually attracted the buggers! It was a miserable stretch. Have a great hike! Be Careful and be Safe Out There! – Hardcharger

    1. I’ll count my blessings then, because this reroute was quite nice, and I had intended to go into Idyllwild anyway.

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