Day 42 – 20 mi – PCT mile 843


Start: tentsite at mile 823

End: Evolution Lake

Miles covered: 20

PCT mile marker: 843/2652

Highlight: So many beautiful lakes

Biggest challenge: Muir Pass was a bear. Because I went over two passes the previous day, I didn’t have enough left in the tank to stage myself close enough to Muir Pass to go over it in the morning. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to reach the top. When the snow is warm and soft, you can easily sink into it. This is called “postholing.” (Dishonorable mention: Mosquitoes at camp. Ugh.)

Gear note: I took out my insoles to let them dry during a break, and I forgot to put one of them back in. (Doh!) I didn’t realize that one felt different, because I put on my traction devices (in this case, Vargo pocket cleats) immediately after that break.

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