Day 44 – 10 mi – PCT mile 878


Start: tentsite at mile 870

End: Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR)

Miles covered: 8.5 on the PCT, +1.5 to the VVR ferry dock

PCT mile marker: 878/2652

Highlight: Food! After 10 days carrying a heavy load over high passes, rocks, and snow, I was ready for some serious chow. I ordered the biggest breakfast they had on the menu and then followed it up with homemade pie.

Biggest challenge: No clean water at VVR. They were having some kind of problem that I was too hungry to understand. I downed plenty of liquid in the form of coffee, soda, and beer. (Dishonorable mention: Late, loud, drunk partiers who kept all of the backpackers up until 1am.)

3 thoughts on “Day 44 – 10 mi – PCT mile 878

  1. Macgyver, I love your updates!! Just curious, how heavy is your pack and how much water do you typically carry? I cannot even imagine!! Your Macon, GA fan base thinks you are so tough, strong & brave!

    1. In the desert I carried as much as 5.5 liters, making my pack around 30 lbs…at least until I drank some of it. 🙂 Leaving Kennedy Meadows, my pack was probably close to 40 lbs, half of which was food. Right now it’s a blissful-feeling 20 lbs.

  2. That is one good looking meal! Taking good care of your calorie deficiency I can see. Fascinating photos! Hang in there and Be Careful and Be Safe out there! Hardcharger

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