Day 46 – 18 mi – PCT mile 906


Start: tentsite at mile 888

End: Mammoth Lakes via Red’s Meadow

Miles covered: 18

PCT mile marker: 906/2652

Biggest challenge: Although the day started with relatively clear air, the last 10 miles included increasing smoke and ash from a fire near Red’s Meadow.


Highlight: It wasn’t the best day on the trail (still better than a good day behind a desk), but at least the smoke kept the mosquitoes away. Mammoth Lakes has great public transportation and all the resupply options that a backpacker could need. I wasn’t going to make the trip from Red’s Meadow into town, but I opted for the much better food selection, as well as the ability to buy new insoles and a replacement for my busted headphones.


(Yes, I ate it all.)


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