Day 58 – 11 mi – PCT mile 1163


Start: Reno

End: tentsite at mile 1163

Miles covered: 10 (+1 in town)

PCT mile marker: 1163/2652

Highlight: Lunch at IHOP. (Honorable mention: Sleeping in.)

Biggest challenge: Saying goodbye to my husband for another month. (Dishonorable mention: Constantly changing Amtrak delay. I bought a ticket for the train back to Truckee, supposedly leaving at 8:30am. When I saw that it was delayed until noon, I was initially pleased with the opportunity to sleep later. However, the delay kept growing. I eventually paid for a Lyft back to Donner Pass, and I was back on the trail at 2pm. The train left Reno at 5pm. Upon my request, Amtrak did issue a refund for my nonrefundable ticket.)


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