Day 84 – 21 mi – PCT mile 1721


Start: tentsite at 1702

End: tentsite at mile 1721

Miles covered: 19 miles (+2 in town)

PCT mile marker: 1721/2652

Highlight: Taking advantage of the amenities at Callahan’s Lodge–lunch, dinner, beer, laundry, shower, wifi, etc. This is a traditional hiker hangout at the road that leads into Ashland. Many hikers get a ride into Ashland for a full resupply, but we opted to press on without anything more than a few goodies from the hiker box. (Thanks to Happy Feet for finding the hidden hiker box!)

Biggest challenge: Leaving Callahan’s after 2.5 beers. I really do need to stop at one beer when I’m planning to hike on the same day. (But the Deschutes Black Butte porter is just too good.)

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