Day 96 – 19 mi – PCT mile 1843


Start: Crater Lake, OR

End: tentsite at mile 1843

Miles covered: 18 on the PCT +1 back to the trail. The PCT miles from Crater Lake don’t add up correctly from yesterday’s post because the PCT around the crater is closed. The alternate, the much more picturesque Rim Trail, is 5 miles shorter.


PCT mile marker: 1843/2652

Highlight: Getting back on trail. (Honorable mention: Tortillas stuffed with Pack-It Gourmet burrito filling.)


Biggest challenge: The smoky haze in the afternoon. I captured some decent views of the crater in the morning, but it was much less clear by the time I left the rim. (Dishonorable mention: My foot isn’t better, but it isn’t worse either. I should be able to manage it.)

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