Day 104 – 16 mi – PCT mile 1997


Start: tentsite at 1982

End: tentsite at mile 1997

Miles covered: 15 on the PCT +1 to/from the youth camp.

PCT mile marker: 1997/2652

Highlight: Laundry, shower, and resupply boxes at the Big Lake Youth Camp. These folks have set up a great hiker hut, making it much easier for PCT hikers to get through this part of Oregon.


Biggest challenge: A 1,000-foot climb over volcanic rock with a sore foot. Thankfully, my new insoles arrived at the Youth Camp. They provide much better arch and heel support, which should make a positive difference for the rest of the hike. (Dishonorable mention: I’m having trouble keeping my camera clean. I didn’t carry my nicer camera in the desert, and it wasn’t dusty in the Sierra, but the dust in Northern California and Oregon has taken its toll. I cleaned the lenses, and I MacGyvered an air pump using a ziplock bag to clean the image sensor, but a few spots remain on all of my photos.)

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