Day 109 – 20 mi – PCT mile 2096


Start: Timothy Lake

End: Timberline Lodge

Miles covered: 19 on the PCT +1 to/from Little Crater Lake

PCT mile marker: 2096/2652

Highlight: Arriving at Timberline Lodge on a very dreary day. The food and beverages were all excellent, and the hot tub was divine. (Honorable mention: Little Crater Lake, including a VERY well-timed pit toilet at the nearby campground.)


Biggest challenge: The cold wind and rain for the steep climb up Mt Hood. Thankfully the rain wasn’t too heavy. It was probably my first measurable rainfall while walking on the PCT. (I’ve had a few nights with overnight rain, but when I’m already snug in my tent, it’s no challenge.)

Side note: The facade of Timberline Lodge was used for the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.


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