Day 117 – 21 mi – PCT mile 2234


Start: tentsite at 2213

End: tentsite in a meadow just below Mt Adams.

Miles covered: 21

PCT mile marker: 2234/2652

Highlight: Solitude. Some days I see many other hikers on the trail. The PCT is popular after all. Some days I see very few, and this was one of those days. I enjoyed the peaceful, quiet surroundings. (Honorable mention: A secure hiker box and trash can managed by trail angels from Trout Lake. I scored a couple additional snacks, and I was able to get rid of all of my trash. Toward the end of a food carry, the trash can seem to take over. These trail angels also set up a shuttle schedule for hikers who need a ride 13 miles into the town.)


Biggest challenge: Dry, splitting skin on my thumbs. Seems odd I suppose, but both thumbs are having the same problem. I’m guessing that the way I use my hiking poles is contributing to the wear. I have Leukotape for blisters, and it worked surprisingly well to protect the skin on my thumbs.


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