Day 120 – 14 mi – PCT mile 2289


Start: tentsite at 2275

End: tentsite on the Miriam fire detour, near Lost Hat Lake.

Miles covered: 14

PCT mile marker: 2289/2652 equivalent. This was in the middle of a detour around the Miriam fire, so the PCT mileage isn’t precise.

Highlight: Goat Rocks was even more spectacular today. I had a hard time narrowing down the photos to use for this blog post. (Honorable mention: Coyote howls in the middle of the night reminded me that I’m truly in the wilderness.)


Biggest challenge: Elevation and terrain were about as difficult as I’ve seen on the PCT. Even though it was a relatively low-mileage day, I was spent. (My foot did surprisingly well today, perhaps because my pack had so little food left in it. Regardless, I ordered a different model of shoes to try starting at Snoqualmie Pass.)


One thought on “Day 120 – 14 mi – PCT mile 2289

  1. You’re so adorable Mac! And the photo with the sun…. and the mountains… wow!! May be the prettiest one I’ve seen yet. Idk. They’re all pretty spectacular in their own ways. Still love the updates! Keep charging!

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