Day 15 – 23 mi – PCT mile 313


Start: Tentsite at 290

End: Tentsite at 313, by the Mojave River Forks Dam

Miles covered: 23

PCT mile marker: 313/2652

Highlight: It was another delightful day, but the highlight was definitely a swim at the Deep Creek Hot Springs. There were refreshingly cold sections, and pools so hot I had to ease my way in. It was a fantastic remedy for sore muscles.

(Side note: The hot springs is unofficially a clothing-optional locale. It is also a known PCT spot, so some people bring trail magic. From previous posts, you surely know that fresh fruit is my favorite trail magic. So when two naked guys offer me fresh strawberries, what is my answer? “Heck yeah!”)

Biggest challenge: Squirrels. At the hot springs, the squirrels are very accustomed to acquiring food, sometimes quite aggressively. I put all of my food in a bag to hang from a tree. Or so I thought. left a half-eaten bag of Goldfish in an outer pocket, and the squirrels wasted no time chewing through the netting to get it. Lesson learned.


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