Day 16 – 15 mi – PCT mile 328


Start: Mojave River Forks Dam

End: Silverwood Lake

Miles covered: 15

PCT mile marker: 328/2652

Highlight: Beach, pizza, and beer at Silverwood Lake. (Yes, that’s one large pizza per person.)


Biggest challenge: Trash at Silverwood Lake. The spot we chose for a break turned out to have quite a bit of trash. (Or “rubbish” to my British readers.) I carry a large trash bag as back-up gear (poncho, ground sheet, etc), so we used is to haul out a load to the nearest trash can.


One thought on “Day 16 – 15 mi – PCT mile 328

  1. Trail maintenance! Chris and I did trail maintenance on the Big Sloshe (Sp) cut-off trail yesterday. National Trail Day Be Careful and Be Safe Out There! – Hardcharger

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