Day 19 – 25 mi – PCT mile 395


Start: Jackson Flat Campground

End: Cooper Canyon Trail Camp

Miles covered: 24 (+1 for frog detour)

PCT mile marker: 395/2652

Highlight: Summiting Mount Baden-Powell in beautiful weather. (Honorable mention: Jalapeño tuna packet and Idahoan loaded baked potato. Whoa Nelly!)


Biggest challenge: 2-mile road walk on the Angeles Crest Highway, to avoid a detour around endangered frog habitat.

Still encountering an occasional rattlesnake. They are much darker here, compared with the ones I’ve seen before.


One thought on “Day 19 – 25 mi – PCT mile 395

  1. Mt. Baden-Powell? Named after the founder of the Boy Scouts? Snakes tend to be colored based upon environmental factors so that they can properly blend in – but be careful! Have a wonderful day on the trail. Chris did the Duncan Knob hike yesterday morning. He left the cabin before we headed home. Weather finally broke for a nice hike for him. Have a wonderful day on the trail and Be Careful and Be Safe Out There! – Hardcharger

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