Special Edition: How to Use MacGyver as a Verb

I thought it might be worth a few extra blog words for a quick grammar lesson. Yes, MacGyver can be used as a verb. Consider these examples:

When my umbrella broke, I MacGyvered it with a safety pin and duct tape.


If something on your pack is bothering you, you can MacGyver some padding using strips of wash cloth and a little duct tape.


A little MacGyvering could keep you from losing your camera lens cover.


It is possible to MacGyver a phone protection system using spare tent cord and a clip, some tape, or a strap on your pack. (Don’t ask me why this is necessary. It just is.)


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Windy for the tent cord and to Dad for the Shamwow. (Dad, THAT should be your trail name!! Please please please? You can’t turn down such a public, heartfelt appeal.)

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