Day 25 – 30 mi – PCT mile 534


Start: tentsite at mile 504

End: Cottonwood Creek

Miles covered: 30

PCT mile marker: 534/2652

Highlight: Trail angel Paint Your Wagon, from Hikertown. I asked him if it was a musical theater reference, assuming the answer was no. Much to my delight, he proceeded to sing to me. That just my day.

Hikertown is the last place for rest, water, and good shade before the long walk across the Mojave.


Biggest challenge: Crazy, ridiculous heat. Everyone else walked the aqueduct in the late evening or early morning. There’s a good reason for that, but we had plenty of water and stopped to rest every couple of hours, so now it’s just a fun life story.


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – 30 mi – PCT mile 534

  1. Just be careful out there with the heat and do smart things like hiking in the cool of eh morning and evening and avoid the “killer” heat. An old Indian adage “only fools and Englishmen are seen in the midday sun!” Be careful and be safe out there. Hardcharger

  2. I’ve also heard that it was “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, but the Brits in India survived on Gin and Quinine Water so I guess that that could be added to the mix as well. Have a great day on the trail. Heading out to the AT on Monday. Doing from Harper’s Ferry to Carlisle, PA. Great piece of the AT. Be Careful and Be Safe Out There – Hardcharger

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