Day 26 – 24 mi – PCT mile 558


Start: Cottonwood Creek

End: tentsite at 558

Miles covered: 24

PCT mile marker: 558/2652

Highlight: A well-timed bit of trail magic at the end of a hot climb. There was even a cutting board with cantaloupe. Yum!

Biggest challenge: Ants. Big, red, biting ants. I have to be more careful where I take my breaks.

Was Dr. Seuss here?


2 thoughts on “Day 26 – 24 mi – PCT mile 558

  1. Looks more like “The Martians are Coming” than Dr. Seuss. Watch out for the fire ants they can be really nasty. When I did my desert survival school my battle buddy was digging in for the night and dug into the side of a well hidden nest. He was in agony for a while from all of the bites. Be Careful and be safe out there! Hardcharger

    1. Oh God, red ants are awful – be careful. You’re incredible, I must say.And thank you for the card. Leslie comes Monday and will get hers. Hugs, Joan

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