Day 27 – 15 mi – PCT mile 558


Start: tentsite just before the road into Tehachapi

End: Tehachapi

Miles covered: 15, all miles into and around Tehachapi

PCT mile marker: 558/2652

Highlight: Kohnen’s, a German bakery in the center of Tehachapi. I think I ate there three times. (Honorable mention: Draft beer selection at TK’s Pizza.)

Biggest challenge: Waiting for packages that should have arrived days earlier. REI really let me down this time. From a $200 order with $30 expedited shipping, only $5 of the items even left REI before the estimated delivery date. I waited on a sidewalk for five hours for one that was two days late and cancelled the rest.


3 thoughts on “Day 27 – 15 mi – PCT mile 558

  1. Sorry to hear about your resupply issues. When I was doing the AT up in PA we ran into a hiker that had to get into town before the Post Office closed on Friday. Fortunately our wives were picking us up at the trailhead for our resupply and we managed to call them and get them to the trailhead in time to pick him up. He took off like a flash to get to the van and got to the Post office just in time to pick up his packages. We were really glad that we could help him, otherwise he would have had to wait in town until Monday morning to get his resupply. But, it sounds like you are in a great place to do a delay – cold beer and good food, what else can a hiker wish for LOL! “Be Careful AND Be Safe Out There” Hardcharger

    1. The scenario you describe is one of the major reasons that many thru-hikers like to buy in towns, rather than picking up shipments. Other reasons: supporting the local economy and changing needs/tastes on the trail. That said, if all I had was a gas station for resupply, I wouldn’t be able to get the quality of food that I’m looking for.

  2. Update: Now that I am home with consistent internet access, I contacted REI about the shipping fiasco. They refunded the shipping charge and gave me a $20 gift card for my inconvenience. That (and a positive experience at stores in Reno and Seattle) puts REI back in my good graces.

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