Day 34 – 10 mi – PCT mile 702


Start: Manter Creek

End: Kennedy Meadows

Miles covered: 9 (+1 into Kennedy Meadows)

PCT mile marker: 702/2652

Highlight: Reaching the major milestone of Kennedy Meadows, and preparing to enter the Sierra section of the PCT. (Honorable mention: Two breakfasts!)


Biggest challenge: So much to do. Laundry, shower, resupply, pack bear can, eat, blog. Some people stay more than one night at Kennedy Meadows, but I prefer not to. It didn’t help that the only washing machine where I stayed was broken, so the clothes came out sopping wet. But hey, at least I had access to a washing machine, right?

Side Note: Throughout the next two weeks, I will not have sufficient internet access or battery power to keep up with the daily blog posts. I will catch up as soon as I can after I reach the next town.


4 thoughts on “Day 34 – 10 mi – PCT mile 702

  1. It’ll be like waiting for the astronauts to orbit around from the back side of the moon. We’ll just have to be patient until you reappear and resume your blog posts.

  2. Hang in there you are making great progress. I had to get off the trail in Smithburg, MD this last trip, the hip gave out on me. Heading to the VA Hospital when I get back to town to have it checked out. Hoping that it isn’t something serious, The constant movement over the water bars and the rocks going up and down into MD-17 did me in. Probably just a case of O.L.D. LOL! Just glad I summitted Katahdin when I did. Be Careful and Be Safe Out There.

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