Day 35 – 18 mi – PCT mile 717


Start: Kennedy Meadows

End: tentsite at mile 717

Miles covered: 15 (+3 from town back to the trail)

PCT mile marker: 717/2652

Highlight: Unlimited pancakes at breakfast. How did I not know the day before that they were all-you-can-eat?!

Biggest challenge: Carrying such a heavy pack. With a bear can, 10 days of food, and a few other gear additions for the snow, the pack weighed between 35 and 40 lbs. Compare the height of the pack in the before photo (left) and the after photo (right):

These photos show how much I could fit in the Bearikade Expedition bear canister:

(No, I didn’t realize that I bought a snickers bar with the word “princess” on it.)

And another image in a rock. Droopy Dog, maybe?



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