Day 40 – 15 mi – PCT mile 802


Start: Vidette Meadow Camp

End: tentsite at mile 802

Miles covered: 15 (I got a late start on account of the hot breakfast, and I was as usual slow climbing over the pass. Today it was Glen Pass.)

PCT mile marker: 802/2652

Highlight: More trail magic from the Vidette Meadow trail angels. They made sausage and cheese tortillas over the campfire for breakfast. (Honorable mention: Taking a break at Rae Lakes.)


Biggest challenge: I didn’t use my sunglasses much the day before, and I think I was experiencing a bit of snow blindness in the morning. Thankfully it was gone by the end of the day.

In the photo below, Rae Lakes are the lakes furthest back, as seen from Glen Pass:


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