Day 39 – 16 mi – PCT mile 787


Start: tentsite at mile 771

End: Vidette Meadow

Miles covered: 16

PCT mile marker: 787/2652

Highlight: I’d say Forester Pass, but I’d be lying. The highlight of the day was TRAIL MAGIC from the wonderful people who come to Vidette Meadow Campsite for a weekend every summer. It had to be really, REALLY good to make me stop at 4pm with only 16 miles done for the day. They had spaghetti, s’mores, chips, candy bars, nutella tortillas, coffee, music, campfire, and so much good will that I was bowled over.

Biggest challenge: Early morning stream crossings. I decided to get an early start, and I found myself coming to a stream requiring rock-hopping at 5am. It was slightly below freezing, and I found that my last step before reaching the other side would have been on an ice-covered log. When I looked around for other options, I lost my balance and ended up knee deep in the water. I managed to walk fast enough to stay warm until the temperature rose, but I really appreciated my first break of the day with hot coffee and warm, dry booties.


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