Day 65 – 25 mi – PCT mile 1320


Start: tentsite at mile 1295

End: tentsite at mile 1320

Miles covered: 25

PCT mile marker: 1320/2652

Highlight: Despite being more than two months into the hike, this is the first time I remember seeing any significant cloud cover. It did make the scenery (and photographs) more interesting.


Biggest challenge: Finishing the climb out of Belden. I still had 2300 feet of elevation to gain above yesterday’s climb. (Dishonorable mention: The instant coffee we bought at the store in Belden was so bad that I chose to go without my morning coffee for a few days. *gasp*)

One thought on “Day 65 – 25 mi – PCT mile 1320

  1. Oh No! No Coffee! How can you possibly survive a morning without coffee!? It’s almost as bad as a night on the trail without trail wine! LOL! Woohooo! You’ll be half-way today sometime! Have a great hike. Be Careful and Be Safe Out There! Hardcharger

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