Day 71 – 30 mi – PCT mile 1470


Start: tentsite at 1440

End: Ash Camp, on the McCloud River

Miles covered: 30

PCT mile marker: 1470/2652

Highlight: Views of Mt Shasta

Biggest challenge: Noisy neighbors at camp. As usual for a drive-in campground, the best spots were already taken, and some campers talked loudly as others tried to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Day 71 – 30 mi – PCT mile 1470

  1. Some people (non-hikers) just don’t understand hikers-midnight! Now, if they offered to let you participate in their revelry that might be a bit different. LOL! Have a great hiking day and Be Caregul abd Be Safe Out There! Hardcharger

  2. When I was a Scoutmaster in Nebraska I took my Scouts out on a long 500-mile bike trip one summer. We pulled into a small campground and settled in for the night. A rowdy group pulled in next to us. They had a bunch of dogs and they barked at the scouts until well after midnight They were up drinking and carousing until about 2:00 am. I went over to their trailer and tried to explain that they needed to quiet it down because these kids had biked over 80 miles that day and had another 50 tomorrow and needed their sleep. They blew my comments off! So when we got up the next morning I told the Scouts to be a noisy as they could and to get as close to the dogs as they dared and get them barking and barking. We woke the hungover crowd up and they were ticked as hell – gave them an early morning taste of what we had gone through all night! Turn about is fair play! HARDCHARGER

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