Day 70 – 23 mi – PCT mile 1440


Start: tentsite at mile 1418

End: mile 1440 (cowboy-camped)

Miles covered: 22 (+1 round trip to Burney Falls)

PCT mile marker: 1440/2652

Highlight: A short side trip to Burney Falls. It’s not directly on the PCT, but it’s only an extra mile to see the falls from the top.

Biggest challenge: More 95-degree heat, along with a healthy dose of bushwhacking through brush that had grown so quickly that it covered the trail.


2 thoughts on “Day 70 – 23 mi – PCT mile 1440

    1. Ah yes! Sometimes I forget to define terms that are unique to backpacking. I have camped in the open air, without a shelter, about five times so far.

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