Day 69 – 28 mi – PCT mile 1418


Start: Hat Creek Rim

End: tentsite at mile 1418

Miles covered: 28

PCT mile marker: 1418/2652

Highlight: Nighthawks diving for insects at sunrise. I don’t think I had ever observed one before; they are fascinating. When they first turn out of a dive, their wings make a noise that at first sounds like it is coming from a man-made device. I heard the sound a few times before I could determine the source.

Biggest challenge: 100-degree heat near Burney. Thankfully, Burney Mountain Guest Ranch was well situated for an afternoon break, including ice cream, soda, a shower, and a swim in the pool.


2 thoughts on “Day 69 – 28 mi – PCT mile 1418

    1. It sure is! I’ve used it too, and it has been one of the most reliable sellers for me.

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