Day 68 – 17 mi – PCT mile 1390


Start: Old Station, CA

End: Communication tower on Hat Creek Rim

Miles covered: 17

PCT mile marker: 1390/2652

Highlight: Trail magic from Mamma Mia and Eagle Eye. They are traveling around the west in support of their daughter (Misfit) and sharing goodies with the rest of us. Today, they were positioned in a parking lot at the top of the climb to the rim. I have a new-found love for lemon creme cookies. (Honorable mention: Side trip to Subway Cave.)


Biggest challenge: The hot, dry stretch along Hat Creek Rim. (It was beautiful though.)


One thought on “Day 68 – 17 mi – PCT mile 1390

  1. Great to see that you are getting “trail magic” along the way. I’m surprised that so many people out there are helping hikers considering the desolation. Have another great hiking day. Be Careful and Be Safe Out There! – Hardcharger

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