Day 86 – 28 mi – PCT mile 1776


Start: tentsite at mile 1748

End: a very nice tentsite at mile 1776

Miles covered: 28

PCT mile marker: 1776/2652

Highlight: My relatively light pack, which included only a day and a half supply of food and nothing extra. The difference between the beginning and the end of a food carry can be a big deal. (Honorable mention: Annie’s mac and cheese from the hiker box at Callahan’s. It was my first plain ol’ mac and cheese on the PCT, and it was very satisfying.)

Biggest challenge: Bypassing Fish Lake, because I didn’t want to put extra miles on my foot. Also, I didn’t sleep well, so by the time I reached the rocky terrain of the late afternoon (pictured above), I just wanted to find a place to pitch my tent and go to sleep.

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