Day 87 – 29 mi – PCT mile 1805


Start: tentsite at mile 1776

End: tentsite at mile 1805

Miles covered: 29

PCT mile marker: 1805/2652

Highlight: Trail magic from Windy, who did go to Fish Lake Resort the day before. (Per the previous post, I skipped it.) He carried an extra cheese danish for the morning, as well as beer and chips for the afternoon. It’s almost like having a porter. But not really. (Because it was an ale. Yuk yuk yuk.)

Biggest challenge: Trying to move quickly enough to make it to Crater Lake in time for the bus that would connect me to the train that would take me to Seattle for a family gathering. All while battling smoky air and an achy foot. None of these were big issues on their own, but they combined to create more of a challenge. Luckily, I knew that I would soon have a restaurant meal, hot coffee, beer, and all of the things I look forward to when getting to even the smallest “town.”

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