Day 89 – 0 mi – PCT mile 1820


Start: Klamath Falls, OR

End: Seattle, WA

Miles covered: 0

PCT mile marker: 1820/2652

Highlight: Moses, the Amtrak cafe car attendant, who announced the opening of the cafe car by extolling the virtues of gluten, high fructose corn syrup, and “freshly dehydrated cup-a-soup.” Sadly, the humor didn’t last the entire trip, because he understandably refrains from being too cheery on the intercom when customers are grumpy about the train running late. (Honorable mention: The cayenne mocha and breakfast panini at Gathering Grounds in Klamath Falls. I ate the panini too quickly to take a photo.)

Biggest challenge: Trying to sleep on the train, which arrived in Seattle at 1:30am, three hours late. (Does that make this the biggest challenge of day 90 too?)

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