Day 112 – 16 mi – PCT mile 2146


Start: Wahtum Lake

End: Cascade Locks, OR

Miles covered: 16

PCT mile marker: 2146/2652

Highlight: Everything about Cascade Locks, including beer at the Ale House, great hiker boxes, understanding cashiers at the grocery store, and helpful receptionists at the local motels. It is an incredibly hiker-friendly town. (Honorable mention: The light pack inevitable when I’m down to my last day of food.)

Biggest challenge: The long, steep descent into Cascade Locks (3000 feet in 4 miles) was hard on my sore feet. (Dishonorable mention: A large group of hikers making a lot of noise, including music on a speaker loud enough for the whole group to hear. Perhaps I’m just being a fuddy duddy.)

2 thoughts on “Day 112 – 16 mi – PCT mile 2146

  1. According to my bf – the Buddhist Monestary in Trout Lake is a great place to overnight – clean, quiet and you can watch clothes!!

    1. I resupplied for 150 miles, so I didn’t need to stop at trout lake. It might have been a mistake though, because everyone raved about it.

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