Day 118 – 22 mi – PCT mile 2256

Start: tentsite at 2234 End: tentsite at mile 2256 Miles covered: 22 PCT mile marker: 2256/2652 Highlight: Fantastic views of Mt Adams (above) and glimpses of Mt Rainier (below). Biggest challenge: Not much was challenging today. My feet were cooperating for a change perhaps because my pack is getting light. Crossing Riley Creek was a … Continue reading Day 118 – 22 mi – PCT mile 2256

Day 113 – 5 mi – PCT mile 2150

Start: Cascade Locks, OR End: tentsite at mile 2150 Miles covered: 4 (+1 in town) PCT mile marker: 2150/2652 Highlight: Reaching Washington! (Honorable mention: Great food, beer, and atmosphere at Thunder Island Brewery.) Biggest challenge: After an indulgent day in town and a pack reload, I was lacking the energy to make it more than … Continue reading Day 113 – 5 mi – PCT mile 2150

Day 112 – 16 mi – PCT mile 2146

Start: Wahtum Lake End: Cascade Locks, OR Miles covered: 16 PCT mile marker: 2146/2652 Highlight: Everything about Cascade Locks, including beer at the Ale House, great hiker boxes, understanding cashiers at the grocery store, and helpful receptionists at the local motels. It is an incredibly hiker-friendly town. (Honorable mention: The light pack inevitable when I’m … Continue reading Day 112 – 16 mi – PCT mile 2146

Day 111 – 23 mi – PCT mile 2130

Start: tentsite at 2106 End: Wahtum Lake Miles covered: 23 PCT mile marker: 2130/2652 Highlight: A gorgeous ridgeside walk with expansive views to the west. (Honorable mention: Huckleberries or blueberries, I'm not sure which. Either way, they were yummy.) Biggest challenge: Cleaning off dew and condensation in the morning. I camped by a stream with … Continue reading Day 111 – 23 mi – PCT mile 2130